Can This 13-Year Old Be NEW Elvis Presley?

He has such a beautiful tone to his voice. Felix was a bright-eyed, thirteen year old boy when he performed on The Voice Kids, singing Elvis Presley’s “Can’t help falling in love with you.” He even played guitar! That young face looked on eagerly with his feet barely touching the floor as he sat on a stool so he could play his guitar. But it’s this kid’s voice that caught the judges by surprise. It was a voice big enough to stun viewers and listeners.

Felix, at the young age of thirteen back then, was already pretty impressive to listen to. Shaky at parts but still with enough tone and control, he strums his guitar while serenading his audience with all the confidence in the world. The video’s gotten 3,389,275 views with more to come for sure. The handsome young man surely had millions of girls swooning over his crooning that day.

Even his family backstage couldn’t hold back their emotions. The judges were in for a big surprise. From the 1961 album Blue Hawaii, Elvis recorded the song written by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, and George David Weiss, with the melody based on “Plaisir d’amour” which was a popular French love song composed in 1784 by Jean-Paul-Égide Martini.