2-months-old says his first words

This baby’s adorable and amazing garden just takes all the notes out. His parents won’t soon be able to forget this memorable moment – and now they have the video!

When mom and dad turned on the camera, they never imagined that their two-month-old son would be able to utter his first words. It was a little too early for that, wasn’t it?

The mother began to force the child. “Come on, you can say it.” I know you want to talk,” he’ll say, and it’s clear that he’s listening to every word.

He doesn’t come out with it at first. He smiled at his parents, making them laugh and fill their hearts (as well as ours) with joy. When he finally managed to say the word, Dad was so surprised that he couldn’t even say anything.

The little boy said ‘Mom’ not once, but more than three times! There was more yelling in him as he tried to make sense of the speech, but it was still very pleasant to hear.

Since babies take much longer to utter their first words, this two-month-old may be the first. One thing is for sure – he is an extremely charming and amazing little prodigy!