The doctors said this toddler would never talk but now he’s singing

You’re about to meet Malachi, an incredibly and wonderfully beautiful baby who will inspire and excite you with his fantastic and unique story of defying medical odds.

Malachi was born about 6 weeks early. When he came into the world, he had acute brain injuries. At the age of 17 months, he was diagnosed with a specific acute cranial injury of the quadrilateral.

Medical experts said that he might never be able to walk, talk or even crawl. His parents refused to accept that prediction and immediately decided to find specialists who would be able to make sure that Malachi would reach every ounce of his potential.

Intensive physical therapy and the love of her parents made a huge difference in the young child’s life. Soon he was not only talking, but also singing.

His favorite song is ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’. Malachi’s eyes filled with pride and happiness as he accomplished a milestone. He can even walk with the help of a walker, and he has very high hopes that soon he will be able to build enough legs to walk and move on his own.

Malachi’s story should inspire and encourage everyone not to let conventional medical wisdom dictate what is possible. Without his parents’ ability to limit the past, Malachi would certainly not have been able to progress throughout his life.