When Mom Turns On The Music, Baby Girl Wows With Her Adorable Dance Moves

There aren’t many things as cute as a toddler dancing along to music. When mom Kaylan began playing music in her home, her daughter started to dance. At just 12 months old, Sadie Raye used the kitchen floor and turned it into a dance floor.

Kaylan started to record Sadie as she danced in just about every room of the house. In a compilation of clips, you can see Sadie twist, turn, and bounce around with joy. Surprisingly, she was right on the beat during every song.

The video shows her jamming to ‘Two Legit To Quit’ by MC Hammer as her pacifier dangles from her mouth. In the next clip, she’s standing by her highchair and bopping along to 80’s music.

As she was shaking her little hips to songs like ‘Be My Lover’ by La Bouche and ‘Mr. Postman’, this girl is giving Shakira a run for her money. In less than a week, the video aired on Good Morning America, and it has over 400,000 views on Youtube.