Nearly 100-Year-Old Ohio Couple Celebrating 79 Years Of Marriage Share Their Secret

One Ohio couple just celebrated 79 years of marriage and are both turning 100 years old! Talk about a lot of wonderful milestones to celebrate together!

Hubert and June Malicote were both born in July 1922. June was born on July 13, and Hubert was born on July 23. They were both raised in rural Kentucky but did not meet each other until they moved to Ohio to find jobs.

The two lovebirds met at church and started out as friends. But when their friendship turned to love, the two decided to get married and became husband and wife on June 8, 1943. Shortly after, they had to spend two years apart during WWII when Hubert was serving with the Navy in Hawaii.

Once Hubert returned from the war, the pair created a beautiful life together in Hamilton, Ohio and had three children. And their legacy now includes seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren!

Hubert and June are celebrating their 100th birthdays this year with a party and church service in their backyard. And their strong faith and love have been foundational to carry them through their 79 years of marriage together.

“We’ve never had a quarrel,” Hubert said. “We’ve never had one quarrel. We didn’t go through life without problems, but we would never do anything to hurt each other. If there’s controversy, you might have to walk away for a couple minutes.”

And after all these years together, June and Hubert still make spending time with one another a priority. They enjoy dinner and a movie together each night and share a kiss before going to bed.

What a sweet love these two share that has lasted a lifetime! God bless Hubert and June and their wonderful union.