This Awesome Doctor Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to Each New Delivery

There is a doctor in Pittsburgh who was different and not like the rest. Why was he different? Dr. Kerry D. Andrew-Jaja works at Magee Hospital for Women in Pittsburgh, PA. He definitely celebrates the magical and blissful moment of the little baby’s birth.

Dr. Andrew-Jaja lives by his life motto, “Face every encounter with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.” How does this translate into the delivery room?

New moms and dads have been able to figure out the doctor’s mantra through a unique experience. The birth of a child is an extremely exciting and blissful moment, overwhelming for new parents who see their little one for the first time. When he helps bring a child to life, he puts his motto into action. In fact, he hopes to share that news with every person he meets or enters this world.

Let’s imagine how he is able to spread joy and happiness. When a baby is born, Dr. Carey and his staff say “Happy Birthday” to the newborn. It is a song that is sung all over the world on birthdays and celebrates a person’s wonderful birthday. What could be more natural and special than performing this song about the actual birth of a child?

His mantra is mainly shared with the newly born person as they start their new life with the song in their hearts. What does he have to do with children in general, that his song is the first they hear? This tradition started with her, but gained popularity especially when the new parents, her staff and the entire delivery room burst in to sing along with them as they joined their loved ones in sharing this special and unforgettable moment.

Surely, this is one birthday that parents will never forget when their child is serenaded. This not only helps to establish a strong bond between the baby and the doctor, but also helps to form a full bond with the mother. Usually the delivery room is creepy, waiting for news, and this sudden burst of song adds a fun and beautiful element. Doctors, who celebrate with their families and are a major part of the joyous occasion, reflect positively on this unusual tradition.