“They’re All Very Different”: 13 Years Ago Five were Born in the Artamkin Family: What Teenage Sisters Look Like Now

Varvara knew from the beginning that she would have five. The doctors were worried and advised the couple to get rid of two embryos.

But since the Artamkin family was religious, they naturally opposed the doctors’ offer. They decided to do nothing but leave everything to God’s will.

As the Russian doctors refused to deal with their case, the Artamkins had to move to another country to give birth.

Immediately after delivery, the orphans were transferred to an incubator for premature babies. Fortunately, they grew and developed normally. Shortly afterwards, the family returned to their homeland, Moscow.

The officials were impatiently waiting for the large family at the airport. They handed Varvara and Dmitri a four-room renovated and fully furnished apartment.

They were always there for their parents to help and assist them in all matters.

The girls started attending church when they were children.

We wish them a carefree and happy childhood and all the best.