Guapacharros, a group of passionate dancers from Mexico surprise the judges of AGT

Among the auditionees of America’s Got Talent was a group of passionate dancers who call themselves Guapacharros. The seven of them are from different parts of Mexico. They have different backgrounds, and they are best friends. 

Over a year ago, they moved to the same house so they could practice day and night. It was through the fiery passion they bonded and became so close to each other.

Their dream is to show their Mexican culture to the world. Guapacharros came onto the stage wearing form-fitting outfits with intricate patterns woven into them. They also wore white wide-brimmed hats.

Sofia Vergara’s face lights up as soon as she sees them walk out. She gets to know them before they start their performance. Guapacharros takes their place, and they begin to dance.

The music is lively, and their footwork is phenomenal. They begin to sing with deep and powerful voices. The audience and some of the judges clap along to the music.

Suddenly ‘Everybody’ by Backstreet Boys plays, and the dancers rip off their shirts and remove their hats. They reveal muscular-toned physiques and start to dance even more intensely.

Everyone is shocked, clearly not expecting this turn of events. But they enjoy the performance even more. Heidi Klum even wishes they could dance for longer.