Listen to the great cover of ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ by Macy Kate

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, we’ve had the opportunity to witness the greatest artists be born artistically, and make their talent known to the world. Some of them do it uploading videos of themselves, while others take part in one of the many talent reality shows like ‘America’s Got Talent’ or X-Factor.

There have been a lot of people who have been turned into instant Internet sensations because of a video they have uploaded. For example, I remember a song called “Flashlight” by Jessie J. It was uploaded to a karaoke platform you can access via an app. What makes this platform more fun than others is that you can actually sing in duet with the famous artist that made the song known.

There was a guy by the name of Tommy Bleasby that became an Internet hit after he posted his collaboration online. Many other people uploaded their collaborations as well, but it was Tommy’s collaboration that caught the eye of no other than Jessie J herself. She was so impressed by the young man’s voice that she arranged for a surprise collaboration on a famous show. When Tommy saw his famous singer come out to sing that song with him, he was totally star-struck, but still, managed to keep it all together and finish the song with Jessie J. 

Another famous collaboration was the one that Luke Bryant did with Jason Derulo. The song was “I want you to love me,” and I swear that when I started hearing Luke, I could swear it was Jason Derulo singing. This made him gain a lot of followers and his songs get a lot of views every day.

The next video is performed by a young singer who became famous once she started uploading her videos on YouTube back in 2009. She became an instant sensation for her covers of various artists. She put out her first video out on 2013 reaching the 30th position on Billboard’s-200 list. The album contains both country and pop singles that many people liked.

This time, Macie Kate is covering the classic “Have yourself a merry little Christmas.” This song is sure to brighten up your day. There are very few times I ever use the word ‘flawless’ for a cover. But that’s exactly what this wonderful cover is. Like roasting marshmallows on an open fire while you wait for Christmas to come, get ready for the highlight of your listening day!