3-year-old prodigy plays piano like a virtuoso

Charlotte is just a 3-year-old girl with excellent piano skills and the sweetest smile. She is wearing a very pretty floral dress and is sitting in front of the piano while her mother is holding the camera.

Her mother asked her to start playing the piano for her, but Charlotte wanted to celebrate her birthday in a happy way first. Mom insisted that she definitely play for her, and Charlotte gave in to her request with great joy.

Charlotte put her little fingers on the piano keys with a sweet and unique smile on her face. He hadn’t pressed them yet before getting ready for his epic performance.

Charlotte looked down and waited quite a while for the dramatic pause, then began to play. He even sang along to playing JCF Bach’s ‘Allegretto’. Holding his head high, he looked intently at the piano.

When he played, all his spirit and energy danced from the first key to the last key. The song was not his, but the music was his. Charlotte’s mother must have been smiling and dancing behind the camera.

It was quite an impressive and amazing performance. Charlotte played flawlessly and confidently without missing a beat. He was as good as Mozart, who also started playing the piano at the same age.

At the end of the song, Charlotte received many compliments from her mom and they were quite happy with each other. Charlotte is smiling from ear to ear and there was no limit to her joy.