Scottish toddler draws a crowd with his adorable dance moves

A weedy young Scotsman in a kilt and bow tie became the show’s center of attention thanks to his surprising and unique dance at a wedding party.

At first, only a few people noticed the young child. Dressed in a small kilt and bow tie that was uniquely shaped for a man to fit his size.

He was standing on the dance floor near some of the dining tables, waving his hands to the beat of the music. He had a very serious expression on his face.

As she continued her dance performance, a mix of cuteness and absolute center of attention, the crowd gradually began to notice her and gather around her. People started clapping to the music as they looked at him.

It is not clear whether the crowd annoys him, but he is not, in fact, the center of attention. He continued his dance as the people and the music demanded.

People continued to take photos and videos, and when the song suddenly changed, the little boy was immediately taken aback and immediately surprised and confused on his face. It seemed that he was thinking about his next steps.