Mom hears daughter play piano for the 1st time after secretly learning behind her back for months

Her reaction got me!

Most parents enroll their kids in music school to learn how to play an instrument.

Ideally, the children will grow to love the instrument they are playing and be good at it. However, some children don’t have the enthusiasm for that. Some would even grow to resent the thought of music school.

Other children are willing to learn, but the parents cannot afford the lessons.

Parents who somehow know how to play an instrument or two become the child’s first teacher. In contrast, others support them by buying secondhand instruments, music sheets, and other essential references. And hey! We have YouTube now, so it’s easier for children to learn independently.

While those who go to music school have an edge, doing self-study is no less.

Some of the music greats like Kurt Cobain, Elton John, Dave Grohl, and Prince were self-taught. It is the discipline and determination that would lead one to greatness, and not based on whether they came from a famous music school or not. This gives parents more pride when they see the fruits of their child’s labor.

Hannah Kelly taught herself to play the piano – much to her mom’s surprise.