Superstar Singer Invites Little Girl On Stage. Seconds Later, The Kid Blows The Roof Off The House

The crowd is sitting and gathering itself closer to the stage, it is dark and a little hard to tell who is about to perform. Curiosity is able to begin settling in and that is until the lights re-adjust; the viewers at home can tell that the artists are a small girl and the world-renown Helene Fischer. The small adorable girl in question is Celine Tam.

The song that they selected to sing as a duo is “You Raise Me Up”. The background music for the song begins to play and then Helene Fischer opens with the first lyrics, that resonate throughout the whole room. The power of her voice carries the words beautifully.

Soon enough, they are signing together, the song in sync and give everyone crazy goosebumps from their performance. No one is surprised with Helene’s ability, to sing as her audience is very aware of her shining talent the audience is infatuated with Celine’s voice.

The audience was in absolute awe of the magical sounds that, came out of such a small body. The crowd members were seen gasping and clapping enthusiastically for the pair.

Children are known for their imagination, their creativity, and just overall innocence. Children are the joy of our day-to-day lives. Some children though, have it all, as they also happen to possess incredible talent – Celine Tam is one of those special children.

She has already made an international presence as a singer from her participation in “Britain’s Got Talent” a while back. She made it through most of the show by performing awe-inspiring performances over and over but unfortunately, she did not make it to the final round.

That did not let Celine discourage herself though! She has continued to persevere as a singer and to accumulate a lot of success even at her extremely young age. She possesses power and a soulful voice that has given her a special place in the spotlight of many artists.

She is very loved all over the wide world and Helene Fischer’s invitation to sing together this beautiful duet on live television, is a sweet gesture to remind Celine Tam, that is still loved by massive crowds all over.