Unique balancing act thoroughly impresses the judges of Britain’s Got Talent

Wearing white trousers and a coat, his muscular chest kicked lightly, Christian introduced himself to the judges of the British Got Talent. He began his speech by being able to keep small objects in balance by keeping his feet in the air.

He took off his coat and performed the rest of the speech without a shirt, showing the audience all the tonic muscles he was hiding inside. When balancing with one hand, he can change the position of the hands while standing upright.

The Christian then surprised all the audience by calling his dog, who came out of his hiding place through a small basket in the corner. The dog immediately ran to his arms.

They started simple, and while walking on the stage, the dog weaves its legs. Then he climbed on top of the Christian and was able to maintain a perfect balance.

Christian started rolling on the floor when the dog rested on his back, walking forward to stay on top. He finished the cylinder with a handcuff, and the dog climbed to his feet.

He slowly began to raise his legs when the dog remained on him, and there was absolute and perfect confidence between them. The crowd was overjoyed when he fully extended his legs, then he lowered him down.

The dog ran to the basket and everyone stopped them. The Christian dog called back to hear the judges’ opinions, and they all voted for him.