Simon Can’t Stop Laughing! Jordan Conley Delivers a Hilarious Audition…

Jordan Conley is a comedian act from Season 17 of America’s Got Talent. America’s Got Talent is an American reality TV show on NBC. This is a talent show where singers, dancers, magicians, comedians and other performers of all ages compete for the announced grand prize of US$1 million.

The show debuted in June 2006 as a summer television season and returns this summer for its seventeenth season. Among its important features is that it gives opportunities to talented amateurs or unknown performers, and the results are determined by audience voting. The current incarnation was created by Simon Cowell and was originally going to be a 2005 British series titled Paul O’Grady’s Got Talent but was shelved due to O’Grady’s acrimonious split with broadcaster ITV.

The American version thus became the first full-length series in the Got Talent franchise. Despite being heavily involved in the show’s production, Cowell did not appear as a judge due to the terms of his Fox Network contract until the eleventh season.