Opera singer wows ‘AGT’ with famous vocal impersonations…

You never know what impressive performers you will see on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ It is fascinating to hear the many unique singers that ‘AGT’ welcomes to the competition. However, one audition features a woman with many voices in the same body!

Judge Heidi Klum welcomes 23-year-old singer Merissa Beddows to the stage. She walks onto the stage smiling and excited and tells the judges that she is from New York and studies at the Curtis Institute of Music.

Merissa tells the judges that she sings opera. She tells Heidi that there’s a dice with 6 sides representing six impressions. She tells her to roll it while she sings ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’ The first roll yields an Arianna Grande impersonation from Merissa. The crowd is in absolute shock!