Pasha and Aliona SURPRISE The Judges With an Unexpected Performance…

Pasha and Aliona was an illusionist duo act from Season 16 of America’s Got Talent They were eliminated in the deliberations. Pasha hails from Russia, whereas Aliona hails from The Ukraine. At the age of 9 Pasha started to train in Perm State Choreographic College thousands of miles away from home in the Siberian region of Soviet Union.

He continued to train in the Moiseyev Dance Academy in Moscow until he moved to United States of America in 1992 to live and to perform with his father Vladimir Riazantsev and his wife Nadia Howard in San Francisco California. Pasha is best known for Pasha and Aliona Entertainment Production, his creative work as a producer and as performer of a human look a like dancing couple dolls, known as ‘Pasha Aliona Duo-Dolls’ and ‘Mr. and Mrs. Romeros’.

Aliona started to dance at a very early age. Her parents played a big role of raising Aliona and influencing her to go to Musical & Dance School at the age of 4. Her talent was noticed right away by her teachers and it was suggested that Aliona continue on the professional levels of education.