Breathtaking acrobatic gymnasts get the Golden Buzzer on CGT.

Acrobatic Gymnastics isn’t a widely-known sport in Canada. But that’s about to change after the latest performance on ‘Canada’s Got Talent.’ 15-year-old Mila and 18-year-old Theo took the stage to defy gravity!

The pair tell the judges that they want to get more recognition for the sport. Mila and Theo love their coaches, who have been with them through all the ups and downs.

The pair have been training together since a very young age. When asked why they love Acrobatic Gymnastics, Mila replies, ‘You’re never alone, and there’s always someone that’s there for you.’

Howie jokes that he should have done gymnastics instead of comedy because, in comedy, he was always alone. The crowd enjoys the laugh, and Mila and Theo tell Howie their ultimate dream is to join Cirque du Soleil one day.