Unbelievable 11-year-old makes The Voice coaches all turn within seconds.

The Voice seeks to find the best singing talent all around the globe. A special edition of the show calls for kids to audition. Eleven-year-old Georgia blew everyone away within seconds. It didn’t take more than the first few lines of “The House of the Rising Sun” before all of the coaches turned around to fight for the privilege of coaching this talented young girl.

Her family members wept with joy at seeing the overwhelming reception of their loved one. Members of the audience were starstruck by the voice that came out of little Georgiaa. The complete and utter shock on all of the coaches’ faces is all you need to see to explain how incredibly talented Georgia is. Her rendition of the Animals’ song is almost better than the original.

After being mesmerized by Georgia’s performance, the coaches strutted their stuff to win the honor of coaching this fresh face in music. No one wanted to lose this rare opportunity.