Five years ago, a baby with very beautiful eyes was born. What does the girl look like now?

Her eyes enchanted the whole world. Moreover, the girl’s parents did nothing to make her famous. We will tell you from whom the child inherited his unusual appearance and what Sofia looks like today. She got such an unusual name from her mother.

When you look at their family, you quickly realize that this is an international family. Both parents have an interesting appearance. The beauty of a tall, blond, bluish, straight-nosed, thin-lipped father contrasts with the beauty of his beloved. He has black hair, dark skin, brown eyes, voluminous lips, and a hijab, which clearly shows that he belongs to the Eastern culture.

The baby’s name is Sofia. The couple agreed that in case a son is born, the father will name him, and if a daughter is born, the wife will name him.
Sofia seemed to have reached the jackpot, she got the best look from her parents. He has a beautiful face, nose, and lips, but the big eyes stand out the most. Her eyelashes are especially beautiful and very thick. And the eyes have always been on Internet users. The parents posted a photo of their baby on the Internet, and it became a common topic of discussion.