Four silver foxes do the unimaginable on Britain’s Got Talent…

Four energetic grandmothers proved that age matters when they dazzled millions of people around the world in a acclaimed reality TV talent contest. Their dancing abilities aroused awe and envy in people even half their age.

You rarely see the infamous talent judge Simon Cowell smiling or reacting positively to the performance of ambitious performers. However, the four older men hauled him to his feet, cheering and smiling from ear to ear. Four grandmothers formed a group with the ironic name The Cacooners.

The name alludes to the classic film Cocoon, in which older people find a pool that gives them the energy of youth. Heather, Michelle, Lynn and Maxine proudly took the stage. They stunned the unsuspecting crowd and the panel of judges with their tap dancing skills and sparkly outfits.