His beautiful Voice shines through his gorgeous SMILE on The Voice…

One of the revelations of the current season of The Voice is a young man named Robin Crowwells. At 19, he is already very talented and is enjoying his adventure on the Voice to the fullest. “Everything has to give way to this once-in-a-lifetime experience,” Robin says ahead of the live performance.

Crowwels has two passions: playing the piano and singing. Although he has only been playing the piano for 2 years, he chose to perform his song “Blind Audition” by Billie Eilish “I Love You” on the piano. And it was worth it! These are some of his best performances.

This video starts with him listening to a cover of Ellie Elish’s “I love you” while playing the piano. His voice is nothing short of exceptional. The way he sang with the lyrics was like he was the one who wrote the song. This is by far the best vocal performance I’ve heard in a long time.