Father of the Bride surprises her and sings, “I loved her first”…

An emotional father sings ‘I Loved Her First’ to his daughter on her wedding day, a moment not to be missed! Eric Schouten, the bride’s father, serenade his daughter by singing “I Loved Her First” on her wedding day. If you have a dad, then you know what a special bond between dad and daughter is.

Dads are the role models that lay the foundation for trust, love, and fun. A loving father makes a daughter feel confident and good at every stage of her life because she knows she can rely on him. And this father-daughter relationship is no different. In fact, I would say that their bond is special.

When Madeleine Galbreth asked her father to sing at her wedding, she had no idea what he would sing. In fact, when they started recording a video of her father at the piano, he cracked a few jokes and even sang a few notes from Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide”.