Lily Meola’s original song “Daydream” makes Heidi Klum Emotional…

The 27-year-old singer-songwriter performed an original song on America’s Got Talent, a number that would bring tears to the eyes. “Daydreams” has evolved over the years, Meola explained at the top, a song written at a time when things were going great, with the music industry trailblazing ahead of her.

“Then my life was turned upside down,” she recalled. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer, Meola became her full-time caregiver and lost her label contract during this difficult time. Unfortunately, her mom didn’t show up, though Meola is grateful for the extra time she had.

“I’m just trying to make her proud of herself and keep living her dream,” she explained. At that moment, everyone in the room was living her dreams. As the song reached its climax, the audience jumped to their feet. Some wiped away tears, including the AGT judges.