Record holder for world’s lowest voice sings ‘Lonesome Road’…

The performer of this rendition of “Lonesome Road” takes the song to a whole new level. The depth of the notes reflected in the speakers is awe inspiring. Many viewers noted that they sing and consider themselves bassists. After hearing this man sing, they are now reconsidering the name. The ability to hit such low notes must be a combination of genetics and practice. There is no other explanation for how he can achieve these superhuman notes.

One can only imagine how his voice sounds in his own head. For many of us, our voices are lower when we speak. If the same applies to this singer, then it’s probably just a low hum in the ears. When it comes to vocals, it’s one thing to reach a certain range. For example, perhaps many people can hit the notes as low as they can be heard in this clip. But the question is whether they can sing so well when they sing low notes.

This man demonstrates his talent for smooth singing on low notes. Audiences were also impressed by the reverb they felt when they listened to Tim Storms sing. One of them noted that she could feel it reflected in her stomach. Another noted that it made the hairs on their arms stand on end. The reactions illustrate the clear power of his voice over his listeners.