Mom surprises her family with TWINS at birth…

Even with today’s modern technology, there are times when we are caught off guard, as in the cases of the birth of surprise twins. Although it rarely happens, such hiccups can occur from time to time. This, therefore, is what this article aims to explain.

The occurrence of unexpected twins at birth can be explained by what is described as the latent twin. This happens when a twin pregnancy is not detected early on during an ultrasound, as explained by Dr. Idris Rahman, OB/GYN at Twin Doctors TV. Hidden twin on ultrasound usually appears in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Because the embryo is smaller, it is difficult to see the baby and hear the baby’s heartbeat at the same time. Although a hidden twin is most likely to be seen in the second trimester, there are still times when a twin goes unnoticed even after numerous ultrasounds.