Sofia Skidchenko wows audience with yodeling on ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’

In the cartoon “Acquired talent of Ukraine” we are treated by a fantastic young vocalist Sofia Shkidchenko. The judge started asking Sofia if she considered herself a star. He responded positively to the question, saying yes. “How modest you are!” He answered. Sofia began to say that she has a unique talent for iodine, and not everyone can do it.

The video of Sofia’s interview informs that the singer has been singing and iodine since she was 5 years old. Her mother said in front of the camera that she was Sofia’s videographer and that they both work together with great pleasure.

Then, one of Sofia’s former videos was a fun and scary video when she performed the hit song “What Does The Fox Say?” His mother shot that video and posted it on Youtube.

Next time we see Sofia again on stage in front of the judges and the audience. The uplifting song began, and Sofia smiled and began to move with a few choreographic dance steps. She wears ordinary iodine clothes with plaid clothes, and her hair with a pork tail.

The audience immediately applauded loudly, and the judges smiled. Sofya says that part, at the end of the expression she has iodine quickly. He was able to execute the reef exactly. When he reached the choir, his yodeling was very high and all the listeners were surprised. The judges looked at each other in astonishment.

As the song progressed, the iodine intensified. The tempo of the song increased, and Sophia easily followed through. In the end he hit a high note and hit the poses. Those present immediately stood up and sang about their gratitude.

The zealous judge told him. It turned out well! Another judge said. “It looks like I moved to the Alps.” Sofia smiled at everyone, and the audience was still standing, applauding and welcoming her unique talent!