10-year-old darling stuns the crowd with her ‘Hallelujah’ ice dance… ?VIDEO

Wait until you see the breathtaking performance of Veronica Zhilina. Her spectacle, craftsmanship and beauty will leave you speechless. You will never see another skater with such grace and presence. Veronika Zhilina is a 10-year-old figure skater from Moscow who delights the public with her poise, innocence and grace.

The performance that caught the world’s attention was an ice dance she performed while Alexandra Burke’s “Hallelujah” was playing in the background. In figure skating, songs are chosen to establish rhythm and tempo. The choreographer’s choice of this anthem, written by the legendary Leonard Cohen, was the perfect complement to the angelic majesty of the performance.

The song, one of the most revered of all time, is about turning suffering into celebration. Perhaps Veronica is too young to experience severe pain. However, with her exquisite movements that were in perfect sync with the emotionally gripping music, she seemed to channel transcendent energy into an exhilarating display of artistry.