Emotional Father’s Day surprise for Donny Osmond set up by Marie

Donnie got a big surprise in an episode of “Don & Marie Show” starring in “Father’s Day”. Everything started normally, but a random emotional turn awaited Donny in the corner.

Marie read a letter from a man who remained in the tabernacle during Father’s Day celebrations. Donnie says. “Everyone should try to do what their partners do.” He looked at Marie with admiration and said․

Mary read another letter written by the child, which reads: If I am asked what you admire most, I should definitely emphasize the fact that you are alive at the party. “I like the fact that you laugh well and always have fun when you laugh.”

Don seemed to realize that this letter might be related to him. He was very serious and questioned all the words addressed to his producer. Marie continued reading the words of the letter. I definitely want to inform you that I love you very much. I hope I will be able to live up to the name we both now share. ”

Don shook his head and began to cry. Marie comforted him, and the show featured a picture of her son Don. It was an emotional and extraordinary moment for the studio listeners and all those who were there at that moment and watched the show.

Then Marie said. “How can you work on Father’s Day? Get down! ” Donnie’s entire family appeared on stage. Everyone was so moved that tears flowed from their eyes and they hugged, and Don was so happy that he caught his younger one.

Don introduced his family, and the studio audience applauded loudly. His wife said Donnie was good at laundry, but she was a terrible cook. The children tell Marie that when Don goes crazy, she uses a low, funny voice. His son is disguised, and all the listeners start laughing. It is a wonderful family moment that everyone was able to participate in this exciting performance together.