Baby has the cutest babbling conversation with dad ever… ?VIDEO

You may worry about what’s normal, good, or a sign that they’re going to be seriously smart. Here’s a guide on what to expect and how to encourage your baby’s babble. About six weeks after the baby is born, things start to change. You think that one day you will be able to stay up after 9 pm and go to a party. You might even consider getting dressed before noon. But one of the biggest milestones around this time is the start of baby talk.

From now until your baby is six months old, he will communicate much more by watching your face when you talk to him. In addition to cooing and gurgling, they begin to smile and laugh when other people do it.

They will have different calls at different times, such as their cry “I need milk NOW” and their cry “Seriously, someone will deal with me when I take a nap”. They will begin to use their voice more actively, open their mouths wide and move their tongues, which seems very deliberate. Your child will often move his arms and hands at the same time. All this is called foreshadowing.