Heartwarming video captures unbreakable bond between twins… ?VIDEO

The video is short, but it has been viewed millions of times and resonated with many viewers. One said, “This is the cleanest thing on the internet” while another commented, “Wow, this is so amazing to see. I start smiling while watching.” A poignant short video showing twin babies being bathed in thalassotherapy.

The first impression is that the two babies have just been born and are still in some kind of womb simulation to keep the feeling that they haven’t been born yet. The truth is less dramatic, but still surprising in the effect it has on a newly born baby. French nurse Sonia Rochelle has developed a method of “welcoming” babies into the world that attempts to mimic the environment in the womb from which they have just been forcibly removed.

As she herself says: “I have developed this special bathing technique that is designed to welcome the baby in all its softness… it is like a welcome gift, my gift to them, to welcome them into this world.”