Dolphin laughs with joy while watching girl’s dance… ?VIDEO

The girl, obviously a dancer, poses in front of an aquarium with dolphins. Many of the marine mammals leisurely pass by and do not pay attention. As she demonstrates her somersaults, somersaults and wheels, one of the curious dolphins stops swimming and begins to pay attention. The woman holding the camera can hardly believe it.

Now the girl, noticing the attention of the dolphin, begins to do more rotations and demonstrate her impressive acrobatic skills in front of her new friend. He seems genuinely happy to see her turn over. While the woman with the camera talks about what the dolphin does and feels, the dancer continues her performance. The dolphin was fascinated and amused by the performance in front of him.

Even when other dolphins swim past him, he ignores them, doing his best to get out of their way. Everyone on the other side of the glass applauded and laughed along with the dolphin. The little girl even walks on the glass, wanting to be closer to the performance. The dancer tries not to hit her as she continues to fall. Meanwhile, the dolphin seems to want to do some backflips himself.