Teen aerialist Aidan Bryant stuns judges with beautiful acrobatic dance routine… ?VIDEO

Aerialist Aidan Bryan AMAZES the audience by hovering over the AGT. After his incredible performance in the quarterfinals, aerialist Aidan Bryant improved his game and brought music, choreography and explosive talent to make it to the America’s Got Talent quarterfinal final. Like many performers, Aidan’s mother has long been his biggest fan, and tonight she was backstage watching him.

The audience was packed with fans to the point that Simon Cowell didn’t want to hear a word of criticism from Howie Mandell. “I love what you’ve done, if I have one constructive criticism…” Howie began, but was quickly interrupted by Simon Cowell. “Don’t worry,” he said. Cowell then said, “He is sixteen years old. He didn’t have a safety mat. He could break his neck. It’s the best live performance by the mile so far.”

“You are the one to be beaten,” he said. His audition performance also impressed the judges. “When he started to do it, I asked: “What are you doing?” she said. “But then he liked to do those things, so I said, ‘Do your thing while you’re careful.’ The path to the America’s Got Talent scene has been a long one for both of them.