13-week-old makes debut appearance as the world’s youngest meteorologist… ?VIDEO

Watching the morning news is what Americans usually do in preparation for a new day. One of the most critical segments in the morning is the weather forecast. She was joined by her favorite little meteorologist, her daughter Fiona, who was an apprentice for a meteorologist in Milwaukee. Fiona is just a 13 week old newborn.

Staying in the frame throughout the report, Fiona does an excellent job with the role on television. Her mother, Rebecca, gets the perfect opportunity to point out that Fiona hasn’t had her hair done and has a headboard after her nap. Reporting from a green screen in her own home is the reality of working from home. Sometimes this means that your child may be on live television.

Rebecca finds great ways to make this prediction funny. She even notes that her baby is wrapped in her favorite blanket, preparing her for the coming cold. Seeing the baby in the morning weather report was a welcome surprise for viewers in Milwaukee. Rachel explains that she has received many calls and letters from people saying they love it.