Little girl accidentally hit in the face by soldier after meeting the Queen… ?VIDEO

A delightful moment of the six-year-old’s encounter with the British Queen ended in tears on Thursday when a saluting soldier accidentally punched her in the face. Maisie Gregory curtsied and presented a bouquet to Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Cardiff, Wales. The Queen met with members of the Royal Welsh Military Regiment. Macy’s father, Martin, is a regimental sergeant major.

But when the monarch moved on, the corporal raised his hand to salute, and accidentally knocked the girl down. The moment was captured on video by a Western Mail reporter. Maisie’s mom, Joanna, told the newspaper that the girl was tired but unharmed by the episode.

Maisie, a 6-year-old girl who was accidentally punched in the face by a saluting soldier, started crying at first but now finds it amusing, her father, a sergeant major, says. “Today should be all about my husband and the regiment, but this is an important moment for our family,” she said. Her father told the BBC that Maisie cried at first but now finds it amusing.