Nine firefighters from same department become dads at the same time… ?VIDEO

This fire team just took synchronicity to a whole new level and the photos are so cute. Brotherhood of firefighters. It is something forged through adversity and sealed with trust. So don’t be surprised if these men and women are closely connected in their communities. But a team of firefighters from the Rancho Cucamonga Fire District took the fraternity to a whole new level. The California Fire Department welcomed the newest and probably the youngest members of the family.

As for the fathers in the ranks, they trusted the person next to them in life-threatening situations. Now they will trust them to change diapers. The fire department didn’t just welcome one child into their ranks. And no, they weren’t just welcoming two or three. They welcomed nine adorable babies. And everyone has weeks or just days in between. This is a whole group of firefighter children who were born in just four months.

At this point, it’s safe to assume that these kids will become lifelong friends. According to the representative of the TV channel, it was a pure coincidence. “This was not planned. It was just a coincidence, but everyone is happy that everything worked out and we all got to experience it together,” Gabrielle Costello told PEOPLE magazine.