Simon Cowell gives Nightbirde golden buzzer on America’s Got Talent

Of course, for the American Got Talent riders, the golden buzz is not so easy. It was quite an emotional moment when one of the participants, Nightbird, had the opportunity to receive a golden shout after his heartfelt speech.

Getting an ovation from the audience and all the judges is quite a big problem. But with his beautiful voice and powerful performance we can all agree with the fact that he really deserved the golden shout.

Thirty Athenian rivals from Janezville, Ohio, whose name is Jane, use Nightbirde as their stage nickname every time she performs. The singer performed an original song – It’s Okay, with which she covered the last year of her life.

The nocturnal bird was also battling cancer, but that did not stop it from performing astonishingly. The song had quite empowering words for every person who heard it all.

For someone with only a 2% chance of survival, Nightbirde could deliver great fluctuations and positive energy. His stunning voice was something unique that no one could ignore.

We can all agree with the fact that he has a huge and unique talent, taking into account how much effort and energy he puts into his speech. No matter how reassuring all his words were.

With over 18 million views, we can clearly say that we are not the only one who was very impressed by the attractive and beautiful performance. We want Nightbirde to do its best through its efforts.