Mom’s birthday gift is a reunion with the son she placed for adoption 18 years ago… ?VIDEO

Although Tammy gave her son up for adoption to give him a better life, she spent years filled with heartache and guilt. And then one day he crept up behind her. Faced with homelessness with two young children, single mother Tammy Oswalt didn’t know how she would be able to take care of a third pregnant woman. What she really knew was that she loved the child that was growing in her womb.

So she made the extremely difficult decision to give her son and third child, whom she named Bruce, up for adoption so he could have a better life. “A mom doesn’t abandon her baby like a sack of potatoes,” Oswalt told “All I could give him was love, and sometimes that’s not enough. I had to make the decision to give it up because I loved it.” The guilt and stress of abandoning her boy was at times unbearable and remained with Oswalt for 18 years.

“Emotional guilt and loss overwhelmed me,” Oswalt said. Oswalt’s eldest daughter, Samantha Hewitt, knew how Oswalt felt over the loss of her son. So, she decided to do something special for her mom’s 53rd birthday. Hewett always gives great gifts, but this one topped them all. “Last year, Sammy surprised me with tickets to a concert by my favorite band, ACDC, so I kind of waited to see what a great thing she did for me this time,” Oswalt told the Daily Mail.