Little girl lights up with joy when Disney princesses come to her adoption court hearing… ?VIDEO

Children in foster care are usually not like other children their age. They face losses and challenges that no child their age should feel, and it takes a toll on them whether it’s obvious or not.

First of all, they lose their parents and their loved ones. Whether it is because of the death of their parents or because they are seen as incapable or unsuitable to care for their children, separation from their biological parents causes children to lose trust in adults and feel insecure. At the same time, and because foster families don’t last forever, they lose their sense of continuity, control, and isolation. So did little Danielle, who was only three years old when she was taken in by the Koning family.

Sarah and Jim Koning of Grand Rapids, Michigan, were Danielle’s adoptive parents for two years until the day finally came for her formal adoption. As Sarah explained, it was very important to them to have a court hearing that Daniella would remember forever, so that she would feel safe and know that this time she had a forever family. So when the caseworkers discussed Daniella’s case just a couple of days before the hearing, they decided to surprise her and offer her memories that she would forever treasure in her memory and heart.