Sensitive toddler has emotional reaction to Beethoven… ?VIDEO

Music inevitably changes over the years, but there was no better composer than Beethoven himself. He wrote outstanding music in the early 1800s and people still love it over 200 years later. This adorable Florida toddler listens to the legendary musician for the first time.

While most kids are listening to their favorite songs from children’s television, Tyler Noftz is listening to Moonlight Sonata. Tyler’s older sister plays a great classical piece at a piano recital. A two-year-old boy sat on his father’s lap, and his eyes quickly filled with tears.

Luckily, his parents filmed his sincere reaction. Despite being young, you can tell that Tyler is overwhelmed with deep emotions when his sister effortlessly plays the piano. The father comforts him as his little one holds back tears, letting him know that it’s okay.