Priceless phone call between grandma and baby makes mom laugh out loud… ?VIDEO

Having a grandchild is a special gift that can turn your whole world upside down. Whether it’s their adorable puffy cheeks or their cute laugh, they are sure to entertain. One grandmother had the most expensive phone call for her granddaughter’s birthday. Sadie was one year old when she received a call on a special phone.

Grandma asked her about how her birthday was, and Sadie’s reaction will make anyone smile from ear to ear. Her mother is holding the phone and laughing at her daughter’s adorable antics. Grandma seems to be having a great time too, although we have no idea what Sadie is trying to say.

Every time Grandma tries to say goodbye, Sadie protests. It’s clear that she loves her grandmother very much and can’t wait to talk to her again. Eventually she agrees to end the conversation with a wave of her hand and a slight giggle.