Amazing Veranica and her talented dogs steal the show on America’s Got Talent… ?VIDEO

When Veranika and her incredible friends took to the stage, the judges were instantly captivated by her adorable poodles. Veranika, 12, said she lived on a farm in Oxford, Florida with her 27 horses, 3 camels, 3 ponies, 8 goats, 50 pigeons, 50 chickens, 13 cats and 15 dogs – she clearly loves animals. if you couldn’t already tell.

Seeing that Pepino’s performance had previously disappointed, Simon Cowell asked young Veranika to “please be amazing” as she prepared to surprise the judges. And she did just that, with her fun routine of poodles changing costumes. The judges even gave her a standing ovation, Sofia noted that it was both “amazing” and “beautiful”.

Howie Mandel noted that Veranika “dazzled” them, and Heidi echoed the same sentiment. Simon even said that the show never had an act where the animals actually listened, although one poodle, Woody, kept running away after the show. Veranika got four yeses, taking her and her adorably incredible friends to the next round.