Cute twin babies sing along with their mother… ?VIDEO

The cutest baby moments often happen when the camera is out of reach. But sometimes a perfect time as a mother or father can lead to incredible memories that can be enjoyed for years. That’s exactly the case with this duet of little twins caught on film. Twin babies wrapped in diapers look at the camera. Their best expression is when they listen to their mother sing over them.

They begin to move their lips and distort their faces. Eventually, they start singing along with their mom Natalie. Natalie Ledbetter wrote: “Our sweet twins have been hearing this song ever since they were in the womb. In this video, they just turned 4 months old, but they were born prematurely, so their corrected age was only 2 months, as it was recorded! The twins look at their mom and listen with wide eyes.

They smile sweetly and smile funny when she sings. They look right at her all the time while she sings beautifully to them. Natalie writes, “When I started to sing, they instantly lit up and knew exactly what to do.” And indeed, the twins begin to sing. They make sounds and form lips to try and form words.