Young schoolboy melts over million hearts with voice of an angel… ?VIDEO

Such a pleasant and clear voice. Amanda Holden, Alisha Dixon, Simon Cowell and David Walliams never imagined that 13-year-old Cormac Thompson would be able to deliver such an amazing performance. In this teaser video from Britain’s Got Talent, a young man lights up the stage with an angelic rendition of Snow Patrol’s emotional anthem-like hit “Run”. The young Cormac did release an album on a major label two years before he auditioned for a show in front of television judges.

This time around, four judges and the audience got the chance to see the 13-year-old choir singer from Lancashire impress all his listeners with a cover version that appears on his record. Cormack said of his audition, “Being in BGT was an incredible experience. When I went on stage and saw Simon, Amanda, Alyosha and David, it was very scary, but we chatted a little and I felt a little better.

“The audience was great as they cheered for me, when I started singing I knew everything was going to be alright. Many thanks to British Got Talent for giving me the opportunity to sing on such a great stage.” he continued. Cormac has Simon smiling and the other judges looking like they’re about to cry. He has such a sweet, innocent face, so pure and beautiful, which makes this incredible voice perfect for his appearance. The bright-eyed young singer signed to Decca Records after singing the song for his nanny Colleen on social media during the pandemic.