The 30+ hours of solo travel with baby were worth the look of surprise on grandpa’s face… ?VIDEO

The bond between grandparents and grandson is unlike any other. As life expectancy continues to rise, we are seeing more children form strong and lasting relationships with their grandparents that past generations may not have had.

You may be lucky to have had a relationship between a grandparent or two in your life, or maybe you’ve never experienced grandma’s love or grandpa’s wisdom, but if your child is about to be born into the world, or is already in the world, with loving grandparents, here are the benefits of keeping their relationship strong. From the moment you are born, your children are learning your habits and reactions and learning from everything you do.

You and your husband can have a strong relationship, but sometimes it takes evidence of love elsewhere to really cement that idea in a child’s mind. Even if it’s just your parents’ or mother-in-law’s house, being in another house opens their eyes to how another couple or individual lives, and it can be a great and easy learning experience, especially at a young age.