The guy makes strangers to stop with his atypical version of ‘Amazing Grace’ on the piano… ?VIDEO

This is the first time I’ve heard Amazing Grace played like this! One of the most beloved and popular hymns known to the music world is “Amazing Grace”. Although it may have been published as early as 1779, it remains a favorite of almost everyone. It is played not only on Christian radio stations, but also at various events. The song is loved by all age groups and people.

Some people don’t know that the Anglican priest and English poet John Newton, who wrote this song, did it from personal experience. As part of the Atlantic slave trade, the ship he was on was destroyed by a violent storm. Raised in a Christian family, he cried out to God for His mercy. This led him to a desire to learn more about God’s grace and forgiveness. Given the popularity of Amazing Grace, many artists have performed it in their own unique way.

And they always give credit to this song. But from time to time someone appears who gives it a different meaning. In Europe, shopping centers usually have pianos. While people are walking from one store to another, some people stop to play a little. One man named Terry Miles spotted one, but instead of playing what everyone heard, he went in the other direction.