125-pound dog helps baby become an early walker… ?VIDEO

Drax is a Cane Corso. He was only 8 weeks old when his family took him. At the same time, his mother also found out that she was pregnant. So over time, as her belly grew, Drax began to spend more time with his mom. He sat on his mother’s lap and lay on her stomach, he was always very gentle with her. When she gave birth to a boy, Drax watched the new family member from a distance. The mother focused on early socialization and desensitization.

Drax loved to be with the baby all the time. His favorite pastime was watching the baby’s every move. New parents tried to teach their son to roller skate. However, Drax turned over to show the child how to do it. Drax was there for the kid every time he hung and jumped in his little jumper. The two soon became inseparable. Drax reached his full size when the baby was one year old. The boy learned to walk early thanks to Drax. He wanted to keep up with his dog friend.

Although Drax was a giant, he always thought of himself as a tiny house dog. For his birthday, the child was given a pool with balls, where he played with Drax. The baby stuffed Drax’s mouth with plastic balls, some of which collapsed.