Grandpa’s song to special needs grandson is melting millions of hearts

Still in my heart, he is too precious․․․

His name is Dave. Uncle Dave for some and Grandpa Dave for others. Here he is singing with his grandson, Joseph, a little boy with Down Syndrome.

Little Joseph always sits on Dave’s knees, turning his face to his grandfather, who decides to calm him down and make him happy with “What a wonderful world!”

The charming and memorable moment was filmed and uploaded by Joseph’s aunt Megan Gonude. It seems like an ordinary family gathering for which karaoke is ready, there were also singers there.

And it is karaoke done right

What a wonderful and interesting contrast between a man who has seen life and a little boy who has not even felt life with his little egg.

It’s just a moment that can stop the world. In places where during a family event two simple individuals decide to express their love through the power of music. And what a wonderful time to witness!

Watch the touching moment in the video below!