Babies discovering things for the first time… ?VIDEO

By learning to recognize and associate your voice, your face and your touch with comfort, your baby will begin to respond to you even more during these months and even smile! Babies at this age are more awake and more curious about their surroundings. They become stronger and begin to coordinate movements. Encourage learning by talking to your baby, responding to any vocal expressions, and offering age-appropriate colorful toys.

In the first month or two of life, newborns depend on others to guide the interaction. But by the end of the third month, your baby will attract you with facial expressions and vocalizations. You will begin to see your child’s personality emerge! Your baby will closely follow your facial expressions and listen to your voice, responding to you with sounds and gurgling.

At around 2 months, babies seem happy when they see caregivers and smile when they talk or smile at them. Babies also begin to unclench and clench their fists. This means that they can hold the rattle in their hands. Soon they will discover that they are the ones making the rattle!