90 drummers captivate audiences by performing Queen cover in unison… ?VIDEO

Get ready, because this is a whole new level of coolness. 90 drummers came out together with singers and other musicians to participate in the largest rock flash mob in Central Europe. Because it’s rock and roll, that’s why. Queen’s “We will rock you” won Best Song. It’s a song that gets better with time, and gets a lot more interesting when it’s played with thousands of others.

Thanks Brian May. He wanted to “create a song that the audience could take part in”. It was Queen’s legendary guitarist who wrote the song for the band’s 1977 album News of the World. That the song is a classic, legendary hit is beyond doubt. This rhythmic drumbeat, which fans can follow by stamping their feet and clapping their hands, has been a favorite for decades.

Then you have Freddie Mercury, arguably the greatest frontman of all time, and someone who can control the crowd with vocal control. And even today, with new frontman Adam Lambert, Queen still gets the audience on their feet by stamping their feet, clapping their hands and singing along. This song is such a rock anthem that it was used at Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee party!